Cinematography Demo Reel – (Branded Content) Aug 8, 2019 Posted in

Cinematography Demo Reel – (Branded Content)

This demo reel is a reflection of the talented crew, great production companies, and helpful clients I’ve worked with in the last few years. Score created by Damien Starkey of Give 2 Get Music

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Sir Nick Faldo CBS Special – (Made for TV Documentary) Aug 8, 2019 Posted in

Sir Nick Faldo CBS Special – (Made for TV Documentary)

Sir Nick Faldo takes off the armor in this one-hour special aired on CBS prior to Saturday’s coverage of The PGA Championship. For the first time, the 6-time Major Champion sat down for his most candid interview.

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Microsoft – (Documentary) Aug 8, 2019 Posted in

Microsoft – (Documentary)

”If someone doesn’t have a seat at the table, we will make room.” Molly’s resilience is inspiring the technology of tomorrow. Josh at Birdman Filmworks was a cinematographer for the last 2 days of this short doc.

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PGA TOUR (Branded Entertainment) Dec 12, 2018 Posted in

PGA TOUR (Branded Entertainment)

In addition to filming various pro golfers and branded entertainment for the PGA TOUR, The PGA TOUR partnered with PGA TOUR Entertainment and Birdman Filmworks to document their yearlong renovation process of The Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass. The video series generated a buzz from fans and industry professionals alike across social media, the PGA TOUR’s online outlets, and their other broadcast media partners like NBC/Golf Channel. The Players Championship Facebook account alone received 850,000+ views with 2,200+ shares from the videos.

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Nascar (made for TV Documentary) Dec 12, 2018 Posted in

Nascar (made for TV Documentary)

On July 7, 2018 Brehanna Daniels made history by being the First African-American Woman to change tires in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

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NBC (Branded Entertainment) Dec 12, 2018 Posted in

NBC (Branded Entertainment)

NBC and Golf Channel wanted to highlight the intensity the pro golfers face with so much water surrounding the last 3 holes of The Player’s Championship. This was the first time they filmed scenes from in the water to add intensity to the opening montage of the tournament’s live television broadcast.

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Halyard Brewing Company (Branded Entertainment) Dec 12, 2018 Posted in

Halyard Brewing Company (Branded Entertainment)

Justin Quintal is one of the best long boarders in the world, and this film documents a location that helped shape him into the surfer he is today. As he saw pro surfer Cory Lopez and his children surfing some serious Hurricane surf, it brought back memories of his first journey to OBX.

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Red Bull Throwdown – (Branded Entertainment) Mar 3, 2016 Posted in

Red Bull Throwdown – (Branded Entertainment)

16 of the best tricking athletes across the world put on a mind blowing show of what is possible when you blend martial arts, gymnastics, and break dancing. The production team created a finished video by 9am the next morning to distribute to the Associated Press. 4 million + views across 2 highlight videos on Youtube and endemic media outlets.

Top 5 tricks:

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Challenge Enterprises’ Story – (Documentary) Mar 3, 2016 Posted in

Challenge Enterprises’ Story – (Documentary)

From taking their first steps in the hallway at Lighthouse Learning Center to depositing their first paycheck, the dreams of individuals with disabilities and their families have the full support of the Challenge Enterprises team.

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Universal Aggregate Solutions (Documentary) Mar 3, 2016 Posted in

Universal Aggregate Solutions (Documentary)

From roads and sidewalks, pools and countertops, and a variety of products in your home like grout, concrete, and stucco, aggregates are all around us.

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